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Placenta  Services

Your placenta contains your very own proteins, vitamins, minerals and hormones, which makes it perfect for you!

dfw placenta encapsulation
What is it?

Placenta encapsulation involves using your placenta and turning it into a safe to consume product (dried in capsules) that can support postpartum recovery by healing balancing hormones, increasing energy, and reducing pain. After I retrieve your placenta from the place of birth, I spend 2-3 days processing it into capsules, tinctures or salves that have an indefinite shelf life! (Please note: tinctures take 6 weeks to process)

What are the benefits?

In the initial postpartum period, placenta encapsulation can help with the following:
- Balance of hormones
- Increase in milk supply
- Speed up recovery
- Aid in pain relief
- Aid in the reduction of the size of the uterus
- Increased energy
- Increased iron levels
- Reduction “baby blues”
- Shorten postpartum bleeding time
Beyond the first 6 weeks postpartum, placenta encapsulation and tincture can help with the following:
- Hormonal balance during PMS
- Hormonal balance during Menopause
- Stress relief during difficult or transitional times
- Generational benefits
dfw placenta services
placenta pills near me

What about salve?

Placenta salve is made with a blend of natural oils and essential oils infused with the placenta to create a soothing and healing salve for you, your baby, and the rest of your family. Benefits and uses of the placenta salve include:

- Cesarean scar cream

- Perineal healing cream
- Hemorrhoids

- Diaper rash ointment
- Cradle cap or eczema ointment

- Skin irritation
- Sore nipples
- Intensive moisturizer
- General healing & skin care 


- Placenta Encapsulation: $250
- Placenta Tincture: $25 for 4oz; $40 for 8oz
- Placenta Salve: $30 for 4oz
- Placenta Prints & Umbilical Cord Keepsakes are free!


Are you ready to book your placenta services?

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