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Midwife near me dfw

Christina Evans


     I'm a transplant from San Diego where I trained to become a midwife and started my career. I relocated to the DFW area in north Texas in 2022, and worked for a local birth center for a year. In 2023, I stepped out on my own with goals of slowing down, digging in deeper to what the simple life has to offer, and being intentional with my time both personally and professionally. I spend my time soaking up a mixture of: family, friends, good food, midwifery, and the occasional exercise. The Lord has shown me over and over again His provision in all things, and He gives me abundantly more than I could have asked for - I'm so grateful.



      I believe that the childbearing season of a woman’s life is most often a normal one. With proper support, education, and preparation the labor and birth process can unfold physiologically. It is my goal to provide safe, high-quality, respectful care to everyone that I work with. I believe that a strong relationship between midwife and client produces better pregnancy and birth outcomes, and I work to keep communication flowing clearly and build trust throughout the prenatal period. I expect the process to be safe and low-risk, however, I am trained and ready for it to deviate from that path. I want to partner with clients, respect their past, present, and future, and help them discover the tools that they need in their current season of life.

      Evidence-based care, informed choice, autonomy, and kindness are pillars of the care I work to provide as a midwife. It is on the strength of these pillars that I aim to support positive birth outcomes and make midwifery care accessible to all who desire it.

Philosophy of Care:

Certifications, Licenses, and Training:

Bachelor of Science in Midwifery - Midwives College of Utah

Licensed Midwife -  current in Texas and California

Certified Professional Midwife - North American Registry of Midwives

Certified Breastfeeding Specialist - Lactation Education Resources

Neonatal Resuscitation - American Academy of Pediatrics

BLS - American Heart Association

Reteach Breech - Dr. Stu Fischbein

Yearly continued education on midwifery topics

Midwifery Care:

Holistic, in home care for pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Lactation Support:

Helping you reach your breastfeeding goals through education and one-on-one support

Placenta Encapsulation:

Safely turning your placenta into a daily supplement that can support postpartum recovery

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