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Outside of the Classroom

While midwifery school is my full-time job right now, I work to keep a healthy balance between spending time on schoolwork and getting out from behind the computer.

Here is a little glimpse into how I spend my time:




The biggest part of my life is the relationship that I have with my God. I believe that He loves all people and desires relationship with each of us. It is in Him that I find my identity and purpose; He guides my way.


I am truly blessed to be walking this path in San Diego with a church family that I adore at Awaken Church. No one is perfect, but all are accepted. The people and the teaching at this church have changed my life.


My family plays a big part in my life and my ability to follow this educational path. I am so thankful for these people who support me with patience, love, and encouragement. They are understanding of me missing birthdays and holidays as babies come regardless of my plans or holiday schedule. They proofread papers and keep me fed. I really couldn't be successful without them.



When I relocated to San Diego to start midwifery school I made a decision to be very intentional about my friendships, and it has paid off! I am so lucky to have these beautiful women in my life. We accept and love each other just as we are. We carry each other through hard times and celebrate successes. We are each others teachers.





As you can see from the rest of my website, I am also a birth doula. My love for midwifery really grew as I worked with women through doula work. I developed so many beliefs about birth and maternity care which ultimately put me on the path to midwifery school. As I study to be a midwife I am still able to serve families as a birth doula, and the work will always have a special place in my heart.




When I need a mental break from all things "birth" I enjoy some downtime activities.


I dabble in sewing and gardening and have really mastered binge-watching TV.


In the kitchen, I am always up for trying a new gluten-free recipe or finding an excuse to add bacon to something. 


I'd like to say that I am outdoorsy and enjoy working out, but the truth is that if you find me being active it is probably because someone else roped me into it!




My friend Courtney and I are so excited to launch our newest endeavor - a supplement to our doula and future midwifery services - NORAtea! If you like drinking nourishing, herbal tea, follow us on Facebook NORAtea and Instagram @norateatime to get updates as we go live. You need this tea in your mug!


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