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Midwives College of Utah Bachelor of Science in Midwifery Program Goals*:

 1.  A midwife of technical expertise

  • The undergraduate program aims to prepare students to practice at the full scope of the Certified Professional Midwife credential through the demonstration of broad, integrative, and specialized knowledge.

 2.  A midwife of professional excellence

  • The undergraduate program aims to prepare students to practice within their own communities and synthesize applied and collaborative learning. Students will engage in the maternity care system professionally and ethically at all times.

 3.  A midwife of personal greatness

  • The undergraduate program aims to prepare students for reflective practice and a perpetual commitment to contribute to the professionalization of direct-entry midwifery.

  • The undergraduate program aims to prepare graduates to educate others in their profession and in their communities.

*Midwives College of Utah. (2012). Midwives College of Utah Institution Goals. Retrieved from:

Personal Goals:

 1.  To keep a balance between school/birth work and not let midwifery take over every aspect of my life.

  • Building a clientele, following a preceptor, keeping my grades up, etc. can all take over my life if I let them. I hope to continue to build in time for me to relax and recover from classes and births. I want to enjoy my time off.

  • Goal: Plan one day a week that is school-free.

    • Summer 2018: I am still working on making this happen, but I do find little nuggets of time, if not entire days, that are school-free.

    • Fall 2018: This is increasingly difficult as time goes on. I have managed to spend quality time with family and *gasp* I didn't totally fall off the school wagon!

    • Winter 2019: I am starting to get the hang of this, but it doesn't always happen. When it does it feels glorious and I find that I am much more centered and motivated when I resume work.

    • Winter 2020: A year has gone by since my last update, and this is nearly impossible for me. When I have a day without schoolwork it is because I'm at a birth or working a full clinic day with my preceptor. I am able to still find pockets of a few hours to refresh my mind and body when I feel overwhelmed and overworked.

    • Summer 2020: Not much has changed since last term, but I am reducing my involvement in the midwifery clinic which gives me more pockets of time off from study, and more ability to say yes to time with friends and family.

 2.  To develop and keep strong relationships with family and friends as I study midwifery.

  • Support, friendship, and meaningful relationships are things that I do not want to sacrifice as I follow this career path.

  • Goal: Take time every month to spend with friends and family.

    • Summer 2018: I spent the summer with friends growing relationship by eating good food, hiking, going to the lake, studying midwifery, chasing chickens, celebrating birthdays, and riding tractors.

    • Fall 2018: These little treats of time are saving my sanity. I treasure my friends and family - they are such a gift. I am so glad I made this goal and am sticking to it!

    • Winter 2019: These nuggets of time are such a blessing to me. I am realizing that they are keeping me going, and helping me maintain my sanity and become the best midwife that I can be. 

    • Winter 2020: This is so important to me. Whether it is in person or through video chat or phone calls I am still able to pour into these relationships and fill my own cup at the same time.

    • Summer 2020: A reduction in clinic hours has helped me with this goal, but a worldwide pandemic has made some things difficult. I look forward to improving on this next term.

 3.  To remember that midwifery is not the measure that I use to define myself.

  • It is my passion, and it is my chosen career, but my identity and worth do not come from my status as a midwife.

  • Goal: Stay active in my church involvement, making time for regular attendance and extra events with my church family.

    • Fall 2018: I have found such benefit from following through with this goal. My church attendance and involvement ground me, and I truly love serving there.

    • Winter 2019: Interestingly, as I spend more time at church and serving, I have more time available, I am more productive, and I have better focus to learn.

    • Winter 2020: As time goes on I feel more clear about who I am and what is important in my life. My church involvement is stronger than ever, and it continues to be a blessing and guiding force in my life.

    • Summer 2020: I was surprised this term by the feeling of my identity evolving and shifting. I am still confident that midwifery does not define me, but I feel space being made for how midwifery shapes me.

Academic / Professional Goals:

 1.  To be engaged and present in my career as a student.

  • Remain interested in what I am learning, and not become bored with the process or wish to be done. I hope to enjoy the season of being a student - knowing that it will have ups and downs.

    • Summer 2018: Academic work is challenging, but I am enjoying developing handouts and other documents that will guide my practice someday!

    • Fall 2018: I am interested, and confused, and encouraged, and concerned, and hopeful, and excited.

    • Winter 2019: I feel like I am on the top of the mountain looking back over the hard work of getting here, and looking ahead to the hard work ahead of me. I am equally ready to be done and ready to learn so much more.

    • Winter 2020: I have hit the place where I wish I was done. I am happy to be learning the things that my classes cover because I know they will serve me and my clients well when I am licensed, but I'm exhausted and ready to be on the other side of my student journey.

    • Summer 2020: I am not engaged in being a student, but I still make an effort to learn and retain information that I know I will need.

  • Goal: Continually improve my skills at assisting the midwife; always think "what's next?"

    • This is ever improving with each birth I attend.

    • Winter 2020: I am now acting in the role of primary student under supervision, but I'm always thinking "what's next?".

    • Summer 2020: I feel confident in the way I respond to clinical situations. I recently received great feedback from my preceptor that I do this well.

  • Goal: Attend as many clinical opportunities as I can in the Fall 2018 semester; specifically 5 births and 100 clinical hours.

    • Fall 2018: I have hit my hours goal, and by the end of the calendar year should have my birth goal fulfilled as well.

  • Goal: Find a good clinical placement to complete the remainder of my clinical requirements in 2019 and 2020.

    • Winter 2019: Currently in the process of interviewing with midwives in the San Diego area.

    • Winter 2020: I have found a placement that more than covers all of my needs and desires as a student. My plan is to finish my clinical requirements in this placement.

    • Summer 2020: I will complete my clinical requirements later this fall!

 2.  To graduate from MCU with my Bachelor's Degree in Midwifery.

  • Goal: Pass my phase 1 classes with straight A's.

    • April 2018: DONE!!

  • Goal: Pass my phase 2 classes with a 3.5 GPA or higher. (This was a difficult goal to write, and a big step for me to accept. I need to be realistic about the class loads, the material, and balancing my personal life with my student life. I don't need to shoot for perfection.)

    • Summer and  Fall 2018, Winter 2019: straight A's so far

    • Winter 2020: All classes passed with straigh A's!

  • Goal: Graduate with a 3.5 GPA or higher.

    • Summer 2020: It appears that this may happen!​

  • Goal: Pass the NARM exam.

  • Goal: Consider pursuing a Master's Degree in Midwifery.

 3.  To be a midwife in my community who makes a difference.

  • Goal: I want to work with a local midwifery group by summer 2019.

    • Winter 2020: Unfortunately, I did not accomplish this goal. I am reminded of it now and will continue to pursue this goal.​

    • Summer 2020: This goal will transfer to my goals for the first few years of practicing as a LM.

  • Goal: I hope to work as a midwife and use midwifery to benefit the community around me locally and also abroad.

    • Contact the San Diego YoungLives group to offer to volunteer and serve them.

    • Winter 2020: This is still on my list, but in this season time does not allow me to do much volunteer work.

    • Summer 2020: This goal will transfer to my goals for the first few years of practicing as a LM.

  • I want to make a difference for student midwives who will come after me.

    • Winter 2020: This goal is becoming increasingly more important to me and it will be an area I work on soon.​

    • Summer 2020: Feeling more motivated than ever to see change in the midwives who come after me.

  • Goal: I want to learn Spanish so that I can communicate with more people in my community.

    • The first step I want to take is to learn conversational Spanish through audio lessons and conversations with those around me who speak Spanish. I want to participate in this monthly.

    • Fall 2018: I have started a series of Spanish education, and I am really enjoying it! I know that it will help me communicate with my community.

    • Winter 2020: I have not been practicing my Spanish lately, but this is still a goal of mine!

    • Summer 2020: I feel the pressure of this goal, I really wish I would have been able to keep up with this goal through the years. this too will be something I work on once I am a LM. 

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