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Partnering with women and families who desire to birth at home.

Support and empowerment through the childbearing seasons.

Full midwifery care, lactation support, and placenta encapsulation - all in the comfort of your home.


I’m Christina Evans, community midwife for pregnant, birthing, and postpartum women in DFW, Texas. I’m excited to combine my experience of working with many different families and my training in midwifery and lactation to help you have a personalized and empowered experience.

DFW Midwife

Photo: Sharel Bratcher  IG:  @sharelkaye

Proud Parents

Kirstein P.

Christina is an incredible midwife and I am beyond thankful we were able to work with her! She is patient, down to earth, kind and easy to trust. I'm very particular in providers I choose to care for me and my family. No matter what crazy questions I had, she was confident and knowledgeable in her responses. She made sure we fully understood everything throughout our journey and put our minds at ease. Do not hesitate to use Christina!

Jessie S.

I have nothing but great things to say about Christina. Not only did she care so well for me and my family, but she is so relatable, welcoming, considerate, and knowledgable. From the beginning of prenatal care through birth and postpartum care there was nothing left to be desired. We were left with a life long memories accompanied by the best care and support. Couldn't be happier.

Alyx H.

I had a home birth last year and Christina was my midwife during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. She's amazing and really goes above and beyond. She instantly made me feel comfortable at our first appointment and was so invested in my care during the rest of my journey with her. She has a very strong comforting presence and gave me the calm confidence I needed during birth. I'm very grateful for the experience I had because of her. Could not recommend her more!

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